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SNOREBEN© Users Testimonials


Alfred Donaldson- California, USA says: 

Before I was introduced to the Snoreben, I had to travel with a (CPAP) breathing machine.  But now, everything has changed and I am totally free from my sleeping problems.  Thanks to the Snoreben, I can perform my normal daily routine feeling healthy and energetic.  No machine, no snoring, no sore throat and no stress.  I am no longer tired all the time and I am free to enjoy my life.  Where is my breathing machine now? It is sleeping in my closet."

Pierre August - Sydney, Australia- says:   

"I recently had nasal surgery to clear up blockage. Even after I healed and the breathing got better, the breathing at night when sleeping is even easier when using the Snoreben©. The Snoreben is very helpful and here are my conclusions:

     1) It stays in place all night,

     2) Does not iritate nasal tissue like other devices do,

     3) Opens the nasal valve area very well,

     4) Breathing improved radically,

     5) Its a soft product that is comfortable,

     6) It's easy to clean and mentain.

I will definitely purchase more"

John Cotter- Brisbane, Australia says:

Thanks for sending me the Snoreben. I was in desperate need of it because of my chronic snoring and apnoea problems.  I already feel so much better!  I sleep better, wake up better and I have so much energy once I wake up! It's unbelievable what a difference makes when I consider how I felt before purchasing the Snoreben.  Huge difference! Thanks very much."

Zoran Murdoch - New York, USA says:

I have ALS and have lost some of facial muscles.  This caused my nose to close up some, due to lack of muscle in the nose area as well as tongue and cheeks. Your product was something that I hoped would help my breathing at night.  I sure like the fact that I could breathe well at night using the Snoreben."

Ron Boulch- Queensland- Australia says:

"I've snored my whole life and forced to sleep in a different room from my loving wife. Doctors could not help and what was available in pharmacies could not help either.  I've had two different surgeries done by my ENT doctor and did not help but warned me that there is not effective surgery for alar collapsed. I was also diagnosed with sleep apnoea beside an awful snoring  and my condition worsened and same my snoring. But everything had radically changed since I was introduced to Snoreben: I sleep better, my snoring had gone and I wake up so much refreshed with much clearer mind.  But most and biggest satisfaction was that I finally got my wife back in our marital bedroom where we both belong.  Is amazing the changes since using Snoreben and I recomend this unique amazing device to everyone in need."

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